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Hi, I'm Shiny Burcu Unsal, The Shiny One


I'm on a mission to create Shiny Minds & Happy Hearts!

You know how learning can be really boring and stop you from achieving your next success? Well, I solve that problem. I make learning and growing FUN, by combining the power of your mind and the wisdom of your heart with science, evidence, music and high positive energy! It's kinda like my special magic to make your mind #shiny and your heart #happy :) Plus:

A) Neuroscience & heart-science have proven you learn and retain what you learn much better when you're having fun!

B) I've proven since 2012 with thousands of people that I teach & coach much better when I'm having fun :)

So, my Coachings & NLP Trainings are internationally accredited, sophisticated, heart-centered, scientific, deepening and forwarding with a unique taste of positive energy and FUN

Let me help you unlock your true potential with CONFIDENCE and become who you are meant to be with CLARITY, with my science-based, mind + heart coherence success system: Neuro-Shine Technology™! Because as you feel it, your success begins in your #shiny mind and lands right in your #happy heart. :)


How I Can Help You Improve Your
Leadership & Communication Skills


Global Woman Club Los Angeles
Business Networking Evening

Date: Friday, 26 April 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where: City Club LA,
555 S Flower Street, 51st Floor,
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Online NLP Courses

Continue your education with my online mindset courses on NLP Training Techniques, Effective Communication, Goal Setting and Positive Coaching Strategies that you can watch anytime anywhere.

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Live NLP Training

When you take my 7-day training, you will get a "Licensed Practitioner of NLP" Certificate, signed by NLP's Co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler & your Licensed NLP Trainer Shiny Burcu Unsal.

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Mind Shining Book

With personal life designing exercises and mind-shining concepts inside, this book'll also serve you to elevate your BE'ing, electrify your LIVE'ing and commit to your self BELIEVE'ing!

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Professional Coach Certification

My 7-Day NLP Training has been approved by ICF: CCE
(Continuing Coaching Education) units. You will receive your CCE units in "Motivational Coach" and "Professional Coach" certificate

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Life & Executive
Coaching Packages

If you're passionate, committed and love to become your best and also enjoy working with a "Global Award-Winning + 40 Under 40 Most Influential Coach" we might be a good match!

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Motivational Speaking

I am known for my "high positive energy" and "shiny & happy style" speaking. Since 2012, I shared the same stage with top CEO's and successful entrepreneurs like Brendon Burchard & Gary Vee!

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Professional Leadership Training at UCLA Extension

Next class: April'19.
As a top-rated Leadership Communication Strategies Instructor at UCLA Extension, since 2012, I had the honor of training Fortune 500 Executives.

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What Did The World's Best Say About Me



"Shiny is a high energy, go-getter, success meets fulfillment personality. She knows how to create change, including her own. She even changed her name to "Shiny" when she recreated her new life with her new mindset and her new identity! What does it tell you? She is a great example of being amazing, and I know she's gonna kick ass in business!"

TONY ROBBINS (When attending Business Mastery, London/2016)


"Shiny, I love your energy! I love what you do! Shiny is the happiest person I know! With her high energy and her star stickers she puts on people's faces, she always brings the joy! She also knows how to ask the right questions and take actions. I believe in her."

~ BRENDON BURCHARD (When attending WGST, Santa Clara/2016)


"Shiny, I love your energy! I love your name: Shiny! Give me one of your stars and lets pose with your book! I know how hard it is to write a book and I see that you have done an amazing job! I am so proud of you, our world needs a powerful female thought leader just like you! I look forward to inspiring the world on the same stage with you!"

RANDI ZUCKERBERG (When interviewing her, New York/2017)


"Shiny is a unique person with a unique creative style. She has taken her life and her wisdom and laid out something you haven't seen before! I totally recommend her as one of my world-class Licensed Trainers for you to learn NLP from."

~ RICHARD BANDLER (When assisting him, Orlando/2015)

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