And do it by having FUN, gaining unshakable CONFIDENCE and crystal CLARITY!

with Neuro-Shine Technology™


Learn Your 5 Biggest Mental Blocks
& How You Can Bust Them with
Neuro-Shine Technology™ 

Learn how to program your mind for success with the help of my global award-winning success mindset training that'll not only fulfill your bank account, but also your heart & soul...

Hi, I'm Shiny Burcu Unsal,
The Shiny One.

I'm on a mission to create Shiny Minds & Happy Hearts!

You know how learning can be really boring and stop you from achieving your next success? Well, I solve that problem. I make learning and growing FUN, by combining the power of your mind and the wisdom of your heart with science, evidence, music and high positive energy! It's kinda like my special magic to make your mind #shiny and your heart #happy :) Plus:

A) Neuroscience & heart-science have proven you learn and retain what you learn much better when you're having fun!

B) I've proven since 2012 with thousands of people that I teach & coach much better when I'm having fun :)

So my coachings & trainings are internationally accredited, sophisticated, heart-centered, scientific, deepening and forwarding with a unique taste of positive energy and FUN

Let me help you unlock your true potential with CONFIDENCE and become who you are meant to be with CLARITY, with my science-based, mind + heart coherence success system: Neuro-Shine Technology™! Because as you feel it, your success begins in your #shiny mind and lands right in your #happy heart. :)



Live Events in Los Angeles

Experience the high level of positive energy and motivation in my live events in LA and Istanbul. My next one'll be in 2019. Stay tuned to get Empowered and to get Electrified!


Online NLP Courses

Continue your education with my online courses on NLP Mindset Training Techniques, Effective Communication, Goal Setting and Positive Coaching Strategies that you can watch anytime anywhere.


Live NLP Training

When you take my 7-day training, you will get a "Licensed Practitioner of NLP" Certificate, signed by NLP's Co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler & your Licensed NLP Trainer Shiny Burcu Unsal.


Mind Shining Book

With personal life designing exercises and mind-shining concepts inside, this book'll also serve you to elevate your BE'ing, electrify your LIVE'ing and commit to your self BELIEVE'ing!


Professional Coach Certification

My 7-day NLP trainings have been been approved by ICF: CCE (Continuing Coaching Education) units. You will receive your CCE units in "Motivational Coach" and "Professional Coach" certificates.


Life & Executive Coaching Packages

If you're passionate, committed and love to become your best and also enjoy working with a "Global Award-Winning + 40 Under 40 Most Influential Coach" we might be a good match!


Motivational & Inspirational Speaking

I am known for my "high positive energy" and "shiny & happy style" speaking. Since 2012, I shared the same stage with top CEO's and successful entrepreneurs like Brendon Burchard & Gary Vee!


Professional Leadership Training

As a top-rated Leadership Communication Strategies Instructor at UCLA Extension, since 2012, I had the honor of training Fortune 500 Executives. My next class begins on April'19.



"I took Shiny's NLP course together with my husband. I would describe Shiny as somebody that’s lighting the world on fire. She, herself, is contagious. Everything she does is always in the spirit of love, she is a great example of women supporting women. I’ve known her for years and I am proud to call her one of my dearest friends. I love how she shows up to the world and love what she stands for. "

Michelle Patterson
CEO, Women Network & California Women's Conference

"Shiny is amazing and so humble and so cute and so passionate! She teaches very well and I just like her style. You know it is interesting because it is more than NLP what we are learning here because she is taking a bit of all of her knowledge and spiritual stuff she has learned and I think it’s pretty cool."

Stephanie Mistofsky
Co-Owner, Oasis Palisades

"I took Shiny's NLP certificate training. It was such a great experience! She is a great communicator, very enthusiastic, energetic , encouraging and very motivating. I had an awesome time taking the class that I am actually looking forward to attending her seminars again in future. I would highly recommend her NLP and Leadership trainings. "

Fatma Yuceler
General Manager, Turkish Airlines

"Shiny is a galactic NLP trainer. She knows what she is talking about and is very supportive. She is my superstar. If you want to get rid of your limited thinking, expand your understanding of how mind works and build your life on your own terms and conditions, I highly recommend Shin's NLP Master Trainings. If you feel special, you gotta be with this special and extraordinary woman NLP trainer. I am getting used to my magic galactic thinking that I was able to expand with her. Shiny, you are of a great help and an example for me. Thank you for your help and support."

Anna Korovatskaya
Executive Coach

"It was a great opportunity for me to have received my NLP training with the only Turkish -American NLP trainer, Burcu Unsal. She has a strong passion for her work and puts a lot of dedication to engage her students spreading this enthusiasm and love for the art of NLP. My trainings with her had a great effect on my personal life. I acquired powerful tools very useful for treating more effectively my patients. I learned not only contents and information but also the methodology of living NLP. Burcu has a great background and communication skills, areas of psychology and metaphysics which enrich the learning process and can deepen the content delivering a greater value. If you want to have this great opportunity and you are in Los Angeles I suggest to give yourself this gift. One way to learn by doing while enjoying this learning process."

Karin Schultz
Clinical Psychologist, Provisional NLP Trainer

"I honestly have no words to express how Burcu's class changed my life! I ended up taking it just to fulfill an UCLA requirement and from day one it impressed me! She is a human being full of light! Yes, that is the word! She lightens up every place she walks in and the best part is that it is something that she tries really hard for each and everyone of us to accomplish! She uses her personal examples and life experiences so you don't see NLP as something unachievable. It's doable! She guided me and still does through the process and what to do and how to do it and above all she gets us to really understand what we are doing, who, and right there and then you see it actually working! I could talk about her and her professionalism for hours! Most definitely one of the best classes I've ever taken and really glad to be able to call her my friend today!"

Tatiana Romao
Producer & Actor

"Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in Shiny's Executive Coaching class. One of the best classes I have taken with philosophies that will follow me in my business and personal life forever. Shiny truly changed my life in this course, and I hands down recommend anyone looking at her services to dive into her program, you will not regret it!"

Krissy Wratten
VP of Sales, PartnerWeekly



"Shiny is a high energy, go-getter, success meets fulfillment personality. She knows how to create change, including her own. She even changed her name to "Shiny" when she recreated her new life with her new mindset and her new identity! What does it tell you? She is a great example of being amazing, and I know she's gonna kick ass in business!"

~ TONY ROBBINS (When attending Business Mastery, London/2016)


"Shiny, I love your energy! I love your name: Shiny! Give me one of your stars and lets pose with your book! I know how hard it is to write a book and I see that you have done an amazing job! I am so proud of you, our world needs a powerful female thought leader just like you! I look forward to inspiring the world on the same stage with you!"

~ RANDI ZUCKERBERG (When interviewing her, New York/2017)


"Shiny, I love your energy! I love what you do! Shiny is the happiest person I know! With her high energy and her star stickers she puts on people's faces, she always brings the joy! She also knows how to ask the right questions and take actions. I believe in her."

~ BRENDON BURCHARD (When attending WGST, Santa Clara/2016)


"Shiny is a unique person with a unique creative style. She has taken her life and her wisdom and laid out something you haven't seen before! I totally recommend her as one of my world-class Licensed Trainers for you to learn NLP from."

~ RICHARD BANDLER (When assisting him, Orlando/2015)

Clients Served and Minds Shined at:

IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND. You live in your mind. And your life requires mental skills and emotional support to elevate to the next level!

And I'm right here as your Success Strategist to help you gain even more CLARITY, more CONFIDENCE, more MOTIVATION and HIGHER PERFORMANCE along with very effective growth strategies of my success system that you need to take your life to the next level!

I'm blessed to learn from and be endorsed by the world's best. That's how I'm able to teach you the best:

Dr. Richard Bandler | Co-creator of NLP

He's the genius behind Neuro Linguistic Programming. He changed our lives completely with his NLP mind and thought technology! And I learned NLP, hypnosis, trance-inductions, charisma enhancement techniques and also priceless wisdom that helped me become who I'm today. In 2015, I assisted him in his own NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer trainings in Orlando/FL. And I learned even more about myself and how to teach NLP to others even more effectively. NLP has changed my whole life! And I'll be forever grateful for you Richard.

Tony Robbins | The Father of Life Coaching

I experienced the legend's UPW (Unleash the Power Within) in 2011 in Florida. It was my first year, back in United States and in the world of personal development. I was totally unleashed after UPW :) I bought every single CD, DVD, Audio program he's ever created and I studied them for years. And when I went to BM (Business Mastery) in London in 2016, our connection was intergalactic! I had one of the most unforgettable experiences of my entire life with Tony Robbins! He endorsed me in front of 1,200 people and changed me once again. I AM blessed on cloud #9.

Brendon Burchard | #1 Online Trainer in the World

I attended Brendon's High Performance Academy (HPA), World's Greatest Speaker's Training (WGST) and one of his mastermind trainings on how to launch an online campaign. And that, the online marketing training has changed my business life forever! For example, I designed this website you're reading now all by myself thanks to the modern teachings of Brendon ;) Feels so awesome to be on top of my online game! You rock my galactic friend! I've so much more to learn from you! See you at Experts Academy in October! ;)

Richard Tan

CEO of Success Resources. He's the man promoting Tony Robbins to the world (outside of USA) and changing millions of lives with more than 550 seminars a year! I learned countless success strategies from him.

Dr. Daniel Siegel

A Harvard MD clinical professor of psychiatry and the Director of the Mindsight Institute at UCLA. I learned Interpersonal Neurobiology, Developmental Neuropsychology and Mindfulness from him.

Jay Abraham

The marketing machine behind all other marketing machines, including Tony Robbins. Forbes listed him as one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in the US. And I learned precious marketing tips from him.