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NLP, Motivation and Empowerment Training with NST


What is UNIQUE about this certification training?

This world-class experiential NLP & ICF Core Competencies based Motivational Coaching training has been exclusively designed by HARVARD educated & awarded NLP Trainer Shiny Burcu Unsal, by blending the practical applications of her Leadership Communication Strategies class that she teaches at UCLA Extension, together with the focus of ICF Core Competencies; Practitioner level of the world’s #1 behavior and communication technology of NLP, and the very best of the legendary motivational gurus like Tony Robbins & Dr.Richard Bandler's personal development, high performance and motivational coaching strategies.

All of the listed content in this outline will be covered during the training. However, the actual schedule of the training is subject to change in order to assure the highest quality training, the highest level of student interest and the maximum energy level of the class.

Training Name

Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming™, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ & Motivational Coach Certification Training

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you know, NLP became a huge field of study for personal transformation and coaching practices, with the help of Tony Robbins. But there are only a handful of us, who are GENUINE and "LICENSED" NLP TRAINERS in the Los Angeles area. So I highly encourage you to look at the list of Licensed NLP Trainers in California, who have been LEGITEMATELY trained and geniunely licensed by the Creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, click here

and please write “CALIFORNIA” in the search box. You will see my name towards the end of the page. The 3 names below me are my students that I am proud of :)

Certificates Awarded

  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® by the Society of NLP (with the personal signature from the NLP's Co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler and his licensed NLP Trainer Shiny Burcu Unsal) (you will be eligible for this certification after completing PART 1 and PART 2 for 7 full days of training)
  • Motivational Coach by Be-Live in U International NLP Training (with 30-hours of CCE Unit Certification approved by ICF (
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ by Be-Live in U International NLP Training 

 Training Days & Hours

  • JANUARY 18-19-20 & 24-25-26-27, 2019 or MARCH 22-23-24 & 28-29-30-31, 2019
  • Hours : 10 am to 7 pm

Training Location

  • SHERATON GATEWAY HOTEL LAX, 6101 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045



You can either selfpark for $15 or valet your car for $25. Please remember to mention that you are attending Be-Live in U's NLP Training, in order to get these discounted prices.


It is crucial that we keep ourselves hydrated, especially when we are using our brains to create new neurol pathways :) So, there will be complimentary water service. And I recommend that you bring your favorite snacks with you, since your brain will appreciate extra help when it is being transformed :)

Lunch is not included. We will have a lunch break for about 75-90 minutes and both Hilton and Sheraton has several food options at their cafe's and restaurants. If you choose to walk outside of the hotel, there is Subway and some other restaurants nearby, as well. Please check with the hotel staff, for more options to take care of your nutrition needs. 

Training Room Temperature

Well, we will be at a hotel room all day. Which means AC, which means you might need layers :) The good news is that our training room has windows. So we will have daylight and let the SUNSHINE in :) But I still do recommend that you bring 2-3 layers for your best comfort during the training. Room temperature must be the last thing on your mind when your being is elevated :)

What others said about their experiences with Shiny Burcu Unsal’s NLP & Coach Trainings @ Be-Live in U?

“For me it was the best 4 days I’ve spent for a long time! It was amazing! We learned so many new skills and tools to be able to navigate through this journey we are all on together. Burcu, you do incredible work, I am so proud to know you and to work with you! Thank you!”

Michelle Patterson, CEO/Women Network

“NLP is the foundation of programming your mind and aligning your heart to achieve results that are beyond your wildest dreams! How do I know this? Because I took this class and it happened for me! You have to take it withShiny! She is the best in the world! Trust me!”

Chris Kay, CEO/Blue Global Media

“Everyone this is Jeff from San Diego/CA. If you’ve ever been to a big personal development seminar and wondered why you feel transformed, Burcu’s course takes everything inside out, rips it all apart, all the little things and all the programmings and shows you all the nitty gritty. You’ll understand all ins and outs. You’ll be a master coach in no time! So I highly recommend Burcu’s course!”

Jeffrey Cuenco, Financial Consultant

“Hey my name is Eric Taneda and I just finished NLP training with Burcu at Be-live in U. I have taken so much personal development training in the last 6 months and I am so happy that I’ve learned all the underlying technologies that I’ve been seeing. And I am finally seeing how it all works now! So, this was really awesome! And I highly recommend it!”

Eric Taneda, IT Consultant

“Hello my name is Daniella. I am so grateful I learned all these amazing tools to control my life and empower others. Can’t wait to practice! Thank you Burcu!”

Daniella Cano, IBM Mexico

“I was mind blown! She helps you clear the chatter and understand what’s going on in our brains! She is programming our minds for success! She is amazing!"

Ariel King, Queen of the Universe


What You Will Learn from this Training:

  • what is a thought
  • how the universe works
  • how the mind works
  • the anatomy and the electrical wave structure of the brain
  • how to differentiate the mind from the brain
  • how to distinguish conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind from each other
  • the functions of the unconscious mind
  • how to distinguish emotions from feelings
  • how the mind creates meanings
  • how to effectively language emotions and feelings
  • how to effectively language thoughts
  • how to use your mind for creating better meanings in your life
  • how to use the power of focus to get better results in anything in life

What is a suggestion?

  • how to distinguish a suggestion from a judgmental expression
  • how to neuro-linguisticly suggest a new idea/suggestion to your own mind
  • how to communicate a suggestion or a new idea to someone else without creating resistance
  • how to powerfully persuade yourself and others

What is a decision?

  • how the mind neurologically make decisions
  • how to differentiate a decision from a thought or an idea
  • how to use your mind to make better decisions in your life
  • how to use your emotions to make better decisions in your life
  • how to use the power of “neuro-association” and “neuro- disassociation” to make better decisions

What is a belief?

  • how to measure your current beliefs
  • how to get rid of your unwanted, disempowering and not-serving beliefs
  • how to build new, consciously chosen, effective and empowering beliefs
  • how to "not-judge" yourself and others

What is a behavior?

  • how to measure your current behaviors
  • how to classify human behaviors
  • how to understand why you do what you do
  • how to understand why others do what they do
  • how to generate better behaviors
  • how to motivate yourself and others for better behaviors

What is a result?

  • how to measure results in anything in life
  • how to train your brain to envision futuristic results of your thoughts, beliefs, communication and behaviors
  • how to make your decisions more intelligently, more effectively and also in an A Class way
  • how to communicate with yourself and others more powerfully and more effectively
  • how to distinguish concepts, reasons, excuses, skills, rules, standards, and/or any other contextual matters from each other
  • how to think more resourcefully
  • how to act more intelligently
  • how to persuade naturally
  • how to magically computerize the life you experience into a more meaningful, more powerful and even more fulfilling one!

Ready To Get Started?


How are you going to get these RESULTS?

We are going to use the original NLP Practitioner training book, personally designed and created by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, in order to learn and exercise these magnificent life strategies of the world's #1 technology of the mind, NLP. But we are also going to cover other resources like Tony Robbins’ & Brendon Burchard’s million dollar success and coaching strategies.

The aim is to MASTER the magic of the human mind and with that magic of NLP, get EVEN better results, get EVEN more done, become THE BEST version of ourselves, be EVEN HAPPIER and have an UNSTOPPABLE life!

Training Value

  • 7 day comprehensive, live, EDU-TAINING training in an intimate growth environment ($7,000)
  • Post training support & Be-Live in U Graduate Mentorship Program for 3 months* (30-min personal coaching sessions with your trainer Shiny twice a month for 3 months) ($1,500)
  • Licensing with the Society of NLP as a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming®** (requires additional $250) ($3,500)
  • Free 40-page Personal DISC Profile Test and Life Strategy Analysis with your own personal strategy session during the training ($1,000)
  • Original NLP Practitioner manual created by the co-creator Richard Bandler ($1,500)
  • Motivational Coach Certificate from Be-Live in U (with 30 hours of CCE units from ICF, International Coach Federation)*** (requires additional $200) ($2,000)
  • Neuro-Shine Practitioner™ Certificate from Be-Live in U (Priceless!)
  • Exciting NLP activities, personal and group presentations, psychological games and more! (Priceless!)
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! (see details at the registration) (Priceless!)
  • The total value of this 7 full-day hands on life-changing, mind expanding and soul elevating training is worth $16,500+ in value.
  • But all of these benefits and the skills that you will use and apply for the rest of your life, is offered to you not for $16,500 but for only $2,997
  • If you are not ready to take the full certification training, here is your other option: 

Email [email protected] to learn about your other options!

How are you going to get CERTIFIED?

*All graduates are entitled have a 30 min personal coaching call every month for 3 months, upon graduation. And it is the student’s responsibility to set up and follow up with these coaching calls.

**In order to get certified as an NLP Practitioner, you need to meet all of the following requirements:

  • Sign two copies of the license agreement with the Society of NLP (will be delivered in class for your license application)
  • Fill out the Social Profile form to be sent to the Society of NLP for their records (will be delivered in class)
  • Bring two passport pictures: one to be sent to the Society of NLP for their records, the other one is for my records
  • Demonstrate skills as an NLP Practitioner on 3 different people 

P.S. I reserve my right as a Licensed Trainer of NLP, not to certify a student as an NLP Practitioner, if any of these requirements are not met.

***In order to get certified as a Motivational Coach, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate skills as a Motivational Coach on 3 different people
  • Submit a written report on what the challenge was, which technique you applied and what result you created for all 3 people

P.S. I reserve my right as a Coach Trainer, not to certify a student as a Motivational Coach, if any of these requirements are not met.

And it is absolutely satisfaction guaranteed!
If for any reason, I did not answer your concerns by 1pm the first day, ask your money back! (See Terms & Policies)

Why is this training TRANSFORMATIONAL and ONE OF A KIND?

All Be-Live in U International NLP Training certification programs have been exclusively designed as a dynamic blend of the latest technology and the newest information available in the fields of personal growth and human excellence:

  • The world’s #1 communication technology Neuro Linguistic Programming’s® groundbreaking behavior tools
  • The world’s legendary Performance Guru Tony Robbins’ breakthrough Creating Lasting Change Strategies
  • The world’s most prestigious university HARVARD Business School’s Executive level Leadership teachings
  • The most comprehensive human study of Interpersonal Neuro Biology from UCLA’s Mindsight Institute
  • The world’s largest certification school UCLA Extension on latest strategies of Leadership Communication
  • The world’s most prestigious business management source HARVARD Business Review’s Negotiation techniques
  • The world’s one and only University of Metaphysics’ elevating thought techniques on subconscious mind power
  • The best life & success strategies from the world’s largest personal development company New Peaks
  • Award winning international marketing strategies from Fortune 500 brands for your own personal branding
  • Exclusive branding & professional coaching tactics from thought leaders, gurus and millionaire public speakers such as Brendon Burchard
  • ICF Core Competencies in becoming an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach


Day 1

  • Welcoming & training code of conduct announcement (rules of Best NLP Practitioner competition :)
  • Student introductions (elevator speeches)
    • Individual purpose statements declared as a group presentation (public speaking experiment) History and the rise of NLP
    • Neuroscience, Linguistics and Behavior technology on Human Psychology
  • The legendary communication model of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Four-Tuple - 4 components of a mindful experience (VAKO) in coaching
  • NLP’s process for change – mapping the road from B to A for clients
  • 8 Philosophical presuppositions of NLP in professional life coaching
    • Group exercise on philosophical presuppositions of NLP
  • Levels of learning – understanding how the brain learns
    • Tools to learn anything faster and easier
  • VAKOG - Representational Systems & Sub-modalities
    • Representational language predicates
    • Sub-modalities
    • Meta-programs
  • Biology of beliefs
    • Neuro biography of brain waves
    • Modeling and belief formation according to ages

Repetition is the QUEEN of any skill.


If you want to have something you have never had before, then you have to do something you have never done before.


Day 2

It’s in the moments of decisions that you shape your destiny.

  • The legendary communication model of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • The communication pie
    • Automatic functions of the mind
  • Conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind
  • UCLA Dr. Daniel Siegel’s hand model of the brain
  • Amygdala vs Prefrontal Cortex – Primitive vs Advanced
    • Emotional vs Cognitive learning/coding of our brain
  • Tony Robbins on Human Needs Psychology
    • HNP® group exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Meta Model 1 – 5 automatic processes of the mind
  • NLP Meta Model 2 – eliciting the right information
  • Beliefs as computing filters of the mind
    • Individual Gestalt exercise on beliefs
    • Group exercise on limiting beliefs
  • Tony Robbins on 4 classes of human behavior
    • Daily behavior analysis exercise in groups of 2
    • NLP 6- step new behavior generator exercise
  • Practical Metaphysical Psychology techniques



Day 3

  • Rapport - building instant connections with NLP®’s body language
    • Match & mirror exercise to instantly establish “liking” on the other mind
    • Pace & lead exercise to powerfully lead the conversation in coaching, negotiating, conflict resolving, etc.
    • Eye accessing cues – detectives’ secret on catching the truth
  • Psycho-geography – an NLP term used for understanding the psychology / coding behind the body language, gestures and unconscious moves
    • Rapport and psycho-geography exercises as Congruence or Incongruence signaling
  • Anthony Robbins’ Meaning Triangle
    • Individual exercises on meaning creation
  • Chunking technique in communication – ability to chunk the size of information up or down
    • Chunking exercise in groups of two
  • NLP’s Meta Model 3 – 6W1H technique to elicit the deleted codes of the experience
  • NLP’s Meta Model 4 – 6W1H technique to elicit the distorted codes of the experience
  • NLP's Meta Model 5 – 6W1H technique to elicit the generalized codes of the experience
  • NLP’s Meta Model 6 – 6W1H technique to elicit the codes of reality / mind map
  • NLP’s Meta Model 7 – well-formed surface structure of the experiences
    • 6W1H Meta Model 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 exercises in groups of two
  • Notion of “self-talk” as a coding function for habits and beliefs in mind coaching
  • NLP Meta Model 6W1H + Tony Robbins 4W unconscious pattern interrupt techniques in motivational coaching

Failure = Giving up As long as you don’t give up, you will NEVER FAIL!

Remember to wear your self-confidence today and everyday.

If you have a big enough reason WHY you won’t consider HOW.

It is not the resources but the resourcefulness that makes the difference in the world.

  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 1 – inverse of Meta Model
    • Group exercise on the inverse of Meta Model
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 2 – presuppositions
    • Group exercise on presuppositions
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 3 – indirect elicitation patterns
    • Group exercise on indirect elicitation patterns
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 4 – metaphors
    • Group exercise on metaphors
  • NLP Value Solicitation exercise
    • Value solicitation exercise in groups of two
  • Be-lief based Life Strategy analysis
      Individual ratings for “power circle” analysis
  • Well Formed Goals
      Goal setting session with SMART technique
  • HARVARD Business School Executive Leadership strategies for your professional excellence
    • Personal mission and vision statement workshop
    • Personal/professional branding line workshop

Day 5

  • Introduction to the notion of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
    • 5 components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Tony Robbins Dickens Model for better decisions
    • Group exercise on Dickens Model
  • Harvard Business Review on Negotiation Skills
    • Video session
  • Anchoring technique as on/off buttons for state management
    • Hypnotic anchoring exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP T.O.T.E. Model as decision making strategies
    • How does the mind make a decision
    • Decision making strategy exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Circle of Excellence exercise as the power of focus and positive language
    • 21 counts for anchoring excellence
  • NLP Parts Integration exercise for creating alternative solutions in life
    • Visual squash
    • 6-step new behavior generation
  • NLP Re-framing technology for better results
    • Individual exercises on reframing
  • NLP’s Perceptual Positions technique – ability to see things in different perspectives
    • Perceptual Positions exercise

It is not what we get. But who we become and how we contribute to the world, that gives meaning to our lives.

Ready To Get Started?


Day 6

  • NLP Timeline as psycho-geographical re-coding of the old experiences, beliefs, habits
    • Timeline exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Swish technique
    • Swish exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Fast Phobia Cure – freeing the FEARS (False Evident Appearing Real) from the mind
    • Fast phobia cure exercise in groups of 2
  • Wrap up all the information
  • ICF Core Competencies overview for becoming an ICF Certified Life Coach

DAY 7 (Practice + Feedback + Q&A + Graduation Day)

  • Wrap-up
  • Action plan group exercises
  • Q&A session
  • Best NLP Practitioner Competition Award Winner announcement & surprise gift!
  • NLP Practitioner graduate round table for individual feedbacks
  • Graduation Oath & Certificate Ceremony :) 

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

  • Neuro:The mind; the nervous system; and the neurological structure of the experience; the way we think, feel and imagine both physiologically visible and mentally invisible
  • Linguistic: The language of the mind; verbal and non-verbal communication systems through which our neural experiences are coded, ordered, and given meaning
  • Programming: The function of the mind; the way we choose to organize our ideas and actions to produce results; simply the software of the mind

NLP is the science of the human mind and a behavioral technology. It searches about the mind; how we store information in our minds, how we use specific language to code our thoughts in our minds, how we operate and create emotions at the individual level, why we do the things that we do and why we don’t want to do some certain things,etc... NLP aims to create awareness for human behavior and make people conscious about their automatic thoughts, language and behaviors, so that they can willingly re-program their minds to get better results.

Founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970, by modeling the best psychologists of the time along with the language patterns they used in their therapies; such as Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls; NLP was initially developed as a very pragmatic technology based on the ability to change our own mental programs. Today, NLP is considered as the most powerful communication & behavior model of the world. And its tools and techniques are very effectively used and implemented by the top celebrity coaches, trainers, master speakers, and by almost all of the successful people all around the world.

  • NLP is the world’s number 1 technology of the mind
  • NLP is a set of powerful strategies to think resourcefully, communicate effectively and behave responsibly
  • NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that
  • NLP is today’s secret for success in both personal and professional life
  • NLP is what made the movie “The Secret” really a secret, Anthony Robbins “The Tony Robbins”, and it will now make you the NEXT VERSION OF YOU!

What benefit you will get by learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

When you learn and decide to "constantly and consciously take advantage of" these advanced level behavioral and transformational tools and techniques about communication and human behavior, your unconscious competent level of knowledge can easily and quickly be transferred and applied into:

  • Enlightenment in all physical, mental, emotional, professional, financial, social, and existential aspects of life
  • Self-awareness, self-confidence, personal growth
  • Effectiveness in time management, communication, focus control and state management
  • Creativity, productiveness, result-fullness, self-motivation, high performance
  • Advanced skills in building rapport and healthy relationships, communication, interaction, leadership
  • Result-oriented decision making; strategic thinking and practical execution
  • More effective and result oriented business presentations, client and team management
  • Better results in all kinds of product or service sales (contribution) efforts, social and emotional intelligence
  • Self-empowerment, motivation, purposeful behaviors and tools for creating lasting change for a lifetime!


Shiny Burcu Unsal is the only ICF Accredited Licensed NLP & Coach Trainer® in the US, who is also teaching it at her Leadership Communication Strategies and “Managing Yourself & Others with Emotional Intelligence” courses at the world’s leading professional development school; UCLA Extension.

Besides being a Licensed Trainer of the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming® and teaching at UCLA Extension, she also is an ICF Accredited Certified and Awarded Life Coach Trainer, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Metaphysical Practitioner.

Her educational background includes but not limited to a BS in International Relations from METU (MIT of Turkey), an Award in General Business Studies with Concentration in Marketing from UCLA Extension, an Executive Education Award in Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations from Harvard Business School and another BS, MS and an ongoing PhD in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Metaphysics.

Having attained an Executive Management level in her career after 12 years of extensive international marketing, advertising and management experience for Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola, AVON, BP, Gillette, Kotex and Burger King at multinational advertising agencies like McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather; Burcu Unsal has been leading Be-Live in U International NLP & Coach Training, since 2011 as the Founder, where she masterfully combines her inspirational leadership, influential communication and motivational persuasion skills with her mission to create a better world with more shiny & happy of us in it!

Having touched thousands of people’s lives with her passion for change and growth, Burcu Unsal has been featured on numerous international TV interviews, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. She has also spoken on several seminar and conference stages as a Motivational Speaker, to call out the leaders in people and empower them to let their power shine!

And because she Be-Live's when we solve all the communication problems in the world, starting with the one with ourselves, this place will be a lot more SHINIER and HAPPIER place; she literally stepped up and claimed her new American name to be "SHINY"; the one who shines and makes others shine

Every dream is an untouched space in a brain; unless it is mentally touched with a clear focus, heart-fully verbalized with a committed language and artfully shaped with an executive strategy. ~ Shiny Burcu Unsal

We all are stardusts, born to shine from within. And our job is to BE ONE with the universe inside of us to let that cosmic power shine out of us! ~ Shiny Burcu Unsal



  • METU (MIT of Turkey) – International Relations, 2000, Ankara/Turkey (w/scholarship)
  • UCLA – General Business Studies w/Concentration in Marketing, 2005, Los Angeles/CA
  • HARVARD Business School Executive Education – Building & Leading Organizations, 2009, Boston/MA
  • Society of NLP – Licensed NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, 2010, Istanbul/Turkey
  • Society of NLP – Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, 2010, Los Angeles/CA
  • Global NLP – Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, 2010, Los Angeles/CA
  • University of Metaphysics – Metaphysics, 2011, Sedona/AZ
  • University of Metaphysics – Metaphysical Practitioner, 2011, Sedona/AZ
  • Los Angeles Kabbalah Center – Power of Kabbalah 1, 2011
  • Los Angeles Kabbalah Center – Power of Kabbalah 2, 2011
  • Los Angeles Kabbalah Center – Power of Kabbalah 3, 2011
  • Society of NLP® – Licensed NLP Trainer, 2011, Orlando/FL
  • Tony Robbins – Resources for Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life, 2011, Miami/FL
  • Tony Robbins – Personal Power, 2011
  • Tony Robbins – Creating Lasting Change, 2011
  • University of Metaphysics – Metaphysical Psychology, 2012, Sedona/AZ
  • The Landmark Forum – Personal Development Forum, 2012, Los Angeles/CA
  • Tony Robbins – The Ultimate Edge, 2012
  • Tony Robbins – The Time of Your Life, 2012
  • Tony Robbins – Ultimate Relationship Program, 2012
  • Tony Robbins – RPM (Result-oriented, Purpose-driven, Massive Action Planning), 2012
  • Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes – The Core Story for Business Breakthroughs, 2012
  • UCLA Extension – Human Motivation, 2012, Los Angeles/CA
  • Les Brown – Mindset Behind the Money, 2012, Los Angeles/CA
  • Chris Howard – Millionaire Master Mind, 2012, Los Angeles/CA
  • Bill Walsh – Ultimate Success Camp, 2012, Los Angeles/CA
  • UCLA– How People Change: Relationships & Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy, 2013, CA
  • Peak Potentials – The World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar, 2013, Los Angeles/CA
  • Peak Potentials – Millionaire Mind Intensive, 2013, Los Angeles/CA
  • Bill Walsh – Rainmaker, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • Daymond John Academy – Shark Tank / Game Changer, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • UCLA – Affect Regulation: Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • California Women’s Conference – Jack Canfield & Lisa Nichols, 2014, Long Beach/CA
  • JT Foxx – Business Coaching, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • Chet Holmes International – Value based Story Building, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy, 2014, Silicon Valley/CA
  • Peak Potentials – Train The Trainer, 2014, Los Angeles/CA
  • Peak Potentials – Reignite Weekend, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • Mastering Growth Conference, 2015, El Segundo/CA
  • UCLA – Play, Mindfulness & Neuroscience: Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • New Peaks – Millionaire Mind Experience, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • New Peaks – Mission to Millions, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • New Peaks – Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, 2015, Joshua Tree/CA
  • Richard Bandler (as Assistant NLP Trainer) – NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, 2015, Orlando/FL
  • Tony Robbins – UPW, LA Convention Center, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • New Peaks – Mission Possible, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • New Peaks – NLP Mastery & Mastermind Facilitator, 2015, Los Angeles/CA
  • Marie Forleo – B-School, 2016, 8-week Online Training
  • New Peaks – World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar, 2016, Los Angeles/CA
  • Tony Robbins – Business Mastery, 2016, London/England
  • Brendon Burchard – The World's Greatest Speaker Training, 2016, Silicon Valley/CA
  • Brendon Burchard - 7 Day Launch (Mastermind), 2017, San Diego/CA
  • Brendon Burchard - High Performance Academy, 2017, San Diego/CA
  • Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy, 2017, Silicon Valley/CA
  • Tony Robbins - Date With Destiny, 2017, Palm Beach/FL
  • CTI - Certified Coach Training, 2018, Culver City/CA
  • Global Woman Summit, 2018, Manhattan/NY