Learn Your 5 Biggest Mental Blocks
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Learn how to program your mind for success and sustain it with the help of a global award-winning, science-based and mind+heart coherence success system training that'll not only fulfill your bank account, but also your heart & soul.

Here're a few testimonials from people who attended my live events and took my NLP & Coaching training:

Oralia Cortes

I got rid of my phobia literally in 3 minutes! INCREDIBLE!

Tiffany Silver

Spiritual Coach and Author of "Silver to Gold"

Oralia Cortes

Actress, Model and the Queen of the Universe 2017

Eliza Steeple

Founder of LearnPianoOnline.com

Deniz Senyuz

Neuroscience PhD Candidate at Caltech

Michelle Patterson

CEO, Women Network & Executive Producer, California Women's Conference

Stephanie Mistofsky

Co-owner, Oasis Palisades

Sonata Taman

Business Consultant

Chris Burns

Founder, Burn It Up Coaching

Sheryll Sheppard


Chris Kay

INC 500 Listed Entrepreneur

Mariella Castillo

Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

Ariel D. King

Queen of The Universe, 2015

Angela Lee


Mis USA & Miss Germany

Beatriz Cesares


Matthew Porter


Briana Binion

Financial Coach

Alix Mora

Marketing Specialist

Jeff Seputra

Financial Broker

Noara Alhusseini

PhD Student

Clients Served and Minds Shined at:

I'm blessed to learn from and be endorsed by the world's best. That's how I'm able to help you achieve the best:

Dr. Richard Bandler / Co-creator of NLP

He's the genius behind Neuro Linguistic Programming. He changed our lives completely with his NLP mind and thought technology! And I learned NLP, hypnosis, trance-inductions, charisma enhancement techniques and also priceless wisdom that helped me become who I'm today. In 2015, I assisted him in his own NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer trainings in Orlando/FL. And I learned even more about myself and how to teach NLP to others even more effectively. NLP has changed my whole life! And I'll be forever grateful for you Richard.

Tony Robbins / The Father of Life Coaching

I experienced the legend's UPW (Unleash the Power Within) in 2011 in Florida. It was my first year, back in United States and in the world of personal development. I was totally unleashed after UPW :) I bought every single CD, DVD, Audio program he's ever created and I studied them for years. And when I went to BM (Business Mastery) in London in 2016, our connection was intergalactic! I had one of the most unforgettable experiences of my entire life with Tony Robbins! He endorsed me in front of 1,200 people and changed me once again. I AM blessed on cloud #9.

Brendon Burchard / #1 Online Trainer in the World

I attended Brendon's High Performance Academy (HPA), World's Greatest Speaker's Training (WGST) and one of his mastermind trainings on how to launch an online campaign. And that, the online marketing training has changed my business life forever! For example, I designed the website you are reading now all by myself thanks to the modern teachings of Brendon ;) Feels so awesome to be on top of my online game! You rock my galactic friend! And thank you for your continuous support! I have so much more to learn from you! See you at Experts Academy in October! ;)

Richard Tan

CEO of Success Resources. He's the man promoting Tony Robbins to the world (outside of USA) and changing millions of lives with more than 550 seminars a year! I learned countless success strategies from him.

Dr. Daniel Siegel

A Harvard MD clinical professor of psychiatry and the Director of the Mindsight Institute at UCLA. I learned Interpersonal Neurobiology, Developmental Neuropsychology and Mindfulness from him.

Jay Abraham

The marketing machine behind all other marketing machines, including Tony Robbins. Forbes listed him as one of the top 5 Executive Coaches in the US. And I learned precious marketing tips from him.