Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (globally accredited and certified by the Society of NLP) and Motivational Coach Certificate Training (accredited by ICF and certified by Be-Live in U International NLP & Coach Training)

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Certificates Awarded:


  1. Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the Society of NLP (endorsed by NLP's co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler and his licensed NLP Trainer Shiny Burcu Unsal)
  2. Motivational Coach by Be-Live in U International NLP & Coach Training - 30 hours CCE Unit Certification approved by ICF (
  3. Neuro-Shine Practitioner by Be-Live in U International NLP & Coach Training


Training Days & Hours:

September 29-30, October 1, 2017 (first 3 days)

October 5-6-7-8, 2017 (following 4 days)

From 10am to 7pm


Training Location:                                                                                              

Dedeman Istanbul Hotel




Lunch is not included. We will have a lunch break for about 75 minutes every day.


Training Room Temperature:

Well, even though we can play with the room temperature as we wish, you know that not everyone will want the same degree as yours So, I do recommend you bring layers for your best comfort.


We are going to use the original NLP Practitioner training book, personally designed and created by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, in order to learn and exercise these magnificent life strategies of the world's #1 technology of the mind, NLP. But we are also going to cover other resources like Tony Robbins coaching strategies. The aim is to learn the magic of the human mind and with that magic of NLP, get better results, get more done, become a better version of ourselves, be happy and have an outstanding life!


Training Value:

  • 7 day comprehensive live training ($7,000)
  • 30 hours of ICF approved CCE Units ($2,000)
  • Licensing with the Society of NLP as Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming**($250)
  • Bonus: One person receives %50 discount on NLP Master Practitioner Training ($1,000)
  • Free 40-page DISC Profile Test ($250)
  • Original NLP Practitioner manual created by the co-creator Richard Bandler ($1,500)
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate from Be-Live in U ($500)
  • Motivational Coach Certificate from Be-Live in U ($500)
  • Exciting NLP activities, personal and group presentations, psychological games and more! (Priceless!)
  • The total value of this 7 full-day, hands on life-changing, mind expanding and soul elevating training of $13,000 that you will use and apply for the rest of your life, is offered to you not for $13,000; but for only $1,000! (until August 30th)

Plus, if you can help me spread my love and commitment to NLP with other people around you, I will gladly honor your fee $100 off per person you bring to my training. Because I am here to serve humanity and we are only better together! 

 ** In order to get certified as an NLP Practitioner, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Sign two copies of the license agreement with the Society of NLP (will be delivered in class)
  2. Fill out the Social Profile form to be sent to the Society of NLP for their records (will be delivered in class) 
  3. Bring two passport pictures with you: one for the Society of NLP for their records, the other one is for mine
  4. Demonstrate skills as an NLP Practitioner on 5 different people
  5. Submit a written report on what the challenge was, which technique you applied and what result you created for all 5.

P.S. I reserve my right as a Licensed Trainer of NLP, not to certify a student as an NLP Practitioner, if any of these requirements are not met.


All Be-Live in U International NLP Training certification programs have been exclusively designed as a dynamic blend of the latest technology and the newest information available in the fields of personal growth and human excellence:

  • The world’s #1 communication technology Neuro Linguistic Programming’s groundbreaking behavior tools
  • The world’s legendary Performance Guru Tony Robbins’ breakthrough Personal Power & Life Coaching Strategies
  • The world’s most prestigious university HARVARD Business School’s Executive level Leadership teachings
  • The most comprehensive human study of Interpersonal Neuro Biology from UCLA’s Mindsight Institute
  • The world’s largest certification school UCLA Extension’s perspective shifting Emotional Intelligence practices
  • The world’s most prestigious business management source HARVARD Business Review’s Negotiation techniques
  • The world’s one and only University of Metaphysics’ elevating thought techniques onsubconscious mind power
  • Award winning international marketing strategies from Fortune 500 brands for your own personal branding
  • Exclusive branding & professional coaching tactics from thought leaders, gurus and millionaire public speakers
  • ICF Core Competencies in becoming an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach


What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

  • Neuro: The mind; the nervous system; and the neurological structure of the experience; the way we think, feel and imagine both physiologically visible and mentally invisible
  • Linguistic: The language of the mind; verbal and non-verbal communication systems through which our neural experiences are coded, ordered, and given meaning
  • Programming: The function of the mind; the way we choose to organize our ideas and actions to produce results; simply the software of the mind

NLP is the science of the human mind and a behavioral technology. It searches about the mind; how we store information in our minds, how we use specific language to code our thoughts in our minds, how we operate and create emotions at the individual level, why we do the things that we do and why we don’t want to do some certain things, etc... NLP aims to create awareness for human behavior and make people conscious about their automatic thoughts, language and behaviors, so that they can willingly re-program their minds to get better results. 

Founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970, by modeling the best psychologists of the time along with the language patterns they used in their therapies; such as Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls; NLP was initially developed as a very pragmatic technology based on the ability to change our own mental programs.  Today, NLP is considered as the most powerful communication & behavior model of the world. And its tools and techniques are very effectively used and implemented by the top celebrity coaches, master speakers, and by almost all of the successful people all around the world.


  • NLP is the world’s number 1 technology of the mind
  • NLP is a set of powerful strategies to think resourcefully, communicate effectively and behave responsibly
  • NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that
  • NLP is today’s secret for success in both personal and professional life
  • NLP is what made the movie “The Secret” really a secret, Anthony Robbins “The Tony Robbins”, and currently what made a 40 year old guy from Montana a self-made multi-millionaire in only 18 months with over 5 million likes on Facebook and over 80,000,000 hits on YouTube!


What benefit you will get by learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

When you learn and decide to "constantly and consciously take advantage of" these advanced level behavioral and transformational tools and techniques about communication and human behavior, your unconscious competent level of knowledge, can easily and quickly be transferred and applied into: 

  • Enlightenment in all physical, mental, emotional, professional, financial, social, and existential aspects of life
  • Self-awareness, self-confidence, personal growth,
  • Effectiveness in time management, communication, focus control and state management
  • Creativity, productiveness, result-fullness, self-motivation, high performance
  • Advanced skills in building rapport and healthy relationships, communication, interaction, leadership
  • Result-oriented decision making; strategic thinking and practical execution
  • More effective and result oriented business presentations, client and team management
  • Better results in all kinds of product or service sales (contribution) efforts, social and emotional intelligence
  • Self-empowerment, purposeful behaviors and tools creating lasting change for a lifetime!