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What is 6W1H, and why is it so crucial for our communication?

When we communicate, we come from our own world. We generalize, distort and delete all kind of information through our knowledge and experiences. And mostly, our wordings are not specific enough in order to understand each other.

However, there are some techniques for preventing these misunderstandings. 6W1H is one of these techniques. It is so simple, yet effective and it helps us to make our lives shinier! So, 6W1H is 7 simple questions that we can ask ourselves, and also the others. The questions are:





What is the source?


Following the 6W1H technique, we can always deliver our message correctly, and we can be the Shiny Happy Communication Masters! Also it is important to ask the questions to other people when they communicate, so we can understand their points clearly.

If you believe that effective communication is one of the best tools that you can have, watch How to Bust Any Assumptions and Why? And master your skills to live a shiny happy life!

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